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- A modern profession

In Australia, AACMA Chinese herbal medicine practitioners are qualified primary-contact health care professionals. Most practitioners operate in private practice, however there are increasing numbers working from community health centres or in academic and/or clinical research.

Qualified practitioners are educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, diagnosis and assessment as well as the Western bio-medical sciences. They are professionally trained to use Chinese herbal medicines to safely and effectively treat the wide range of health conditions seen in TCM general practice today.

In addition to practitioners whose primarily focus is on Chinese herbal medicine health care, many qualified AACMA acupuncturists also use Chinese herbs as an adjunct to their acupuncture treatment. Some substances that were once part of traditional TCM usage, such herbs that are now on the endangered species list, are no longer used in contemporary professional TCM practice.

- Safe and effective therapy

Chinese herbal medicine is based on a coherent and substantial body of knowledge developed over thousands of years of clinical practice and intellectual endeavour. Clinical and laboratory research adds to this traditional knowledge. Qualified practitioners draw on these traditional and modern sources to arrive at individually tailored Chinese herbal prescriptions.

This system of health care, in which Chinese herbal medicine formulae are tailored to your individual health condition, developed from the philosophy that restoring balance and normal functioning will both treat ailments and prevent other illnesses from developing.

In addition to providing effective treatment for a wide range of common health disorders, Chinese herbal medicine may also be used to maintain normal body functioning, regulate general immune function and assist with disease prevention.